Five Nights at Treasure Island is an upcoming remake that stars the entire cast of characters, from AnArt1996, Purity Sin, and SubWooferX3, with Purity's Story

Description Edit

Plot Edit

After arriving at the often rumored about Treasure Island, you have taken the Nightshift for easier investigation of the Island. The three... no, two other employees on the Island with you help you out with advise and planning- but just like with every good plan, there is things that are simply unpredictable. Things that bust the so well planned scenario.

Strange figures moving in the darkness, missing employees. Faint voices in the distance, calling for help, speaking words of confusion and terror.

Will this really pay out in the end?

Gameplay Edit

No gameplay of the game has been showed yet.

History of Five Nights at Treasure Island Edit

The first Five Nights at Treasure Island was shown by AnArt1996 back in 2014, which he then made a Remastered 1.0, then canceled his game fully at the start of the remastered 2.0. AnArt then gave the project to Purity Sin and her team "The Purity Sinners" (Including SubwooferX3) to continue the game. In a later version, they changed the game so it is not based on a creepypasta anymore but set on their own story, removing characters such as Photo Negative Mickey, and Photo Negative Minnie, who were replaced by MickMick and Minnie.

In 2016, SubWooferX3 made the Official: Nightmare Before Disney, and then later on teamed up with Blackout to continue Five Nights at Treasure Island, SubWooferX3 said that he canceled because he wasn't having fun with the game, and now the game is dead.

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